I want to let everyone know that the balm is absolutely great, it works like magic, my beautiful puppy had her nose and paws extremely dry, I start using the balm and on the 2 day, we saw the amazing change, her paws and nose now are heal and moist. I would recommend this miraculous balm to everyone.

- Armali Munoz Owner of Service Dog Named Lola


I'm so unbelievable happy with this company. Not only is the price unbelievable. She went over all the ingredients in the pup cake she made for my girl. She drove all the way to meet me from out of town and on top of that she added the cutest little treat bag with a big #2 treat in there with all the other goodies for her 2nd birthday.  If you ask me that's beyond amazing service. Thank You SO much! I'll be definitely ordering more from this company and I will most definitely recommend to everyone!! ❤❤❤
- Amanda O'Reilly owner of Luna