T&M Miracle Pet Balm T&M SALES | 100% All-Natural Moisturizing Balm for Dogs & Cats That Heals Dry, Cracked and Rough Paws, Elbows and Noses.



  • FAST WORKING CURE for cracked and rough paws, elbows and noses. Unique formula of all-natural ingredients for the most effective results.
  • 100% NATURAL and MADE IN CANADA - Unique healing blend of Essential Oils, butters, waxes AVAILABLE ONLY at T&M Sales. NO petroleum derived ingredients.
  • SEE NOTICEABLE RESULTS in DAYS - Dogs love to lick their paws, you can feel confident knowing every last ingredient that goes into our all-natural dog and cat balm is safe and will not harm your pet in any way.
  • NATURALLY ANTIBACTERIAL and ANTI-INFLAMMATORY. Restores lost elasticity and pliability of paw pads. A layer of protection from salt or other ice-melters in Winter! And protects from hot pavement in the summer!
  • 30 Day Extended Manufacturer Warranty. 100% Satisfaction Grantee.


 Product Reviews:
Walter Cristofoli - 5 Stars
December 8, 2018
Easy to apply and good for your dog. All natural materials included. It could use a tiny bit more lavender but other than that worth getting and applying to your dog's paws right away. Don't delay.
Meghan - 5 StarsVerified Purchase
September 29, 2018
I want to let everyone to know that the pet balm is absolutely great, it works like magic, my beautiful puppy had her nose and paws extremely dry, I started to use the pet balm and on day 2 of using it, I saw the amazing change, her paws and nose now are heal and moist. I would recommend this miraculous balm to everyone.
Marcie Monkton - 5 Stars
January 24, 2019
Absolutely amazing product! my bulldog has dry itchy skin I put a little of this balm in between his fold on his face works wonders